Inspirationally Fine Weaves From The Himalayan Valley

unm8666When the fine wool of the Himalayan goat is blended with pure silk from the valley, it yields one of the ‘finest’ pieces of apparel that could drape a woman so alluringly. The Pashmina silk saree from Kashmir, is a symbol of the spirit of a tradition known for its fine weaves and breathtaking embroidery. The Pashmina goats on the high altitumdes of the Himalayas, are gifted by nature an extremely fine inner coat of wool, which is several times finer than the human hair and extremely soft, in order to brave the harsh freezing weather. The size of each strand is so small that it can only be hand woven. This “Pashm’ or wool that is available, if blended with silk or cotton, can then be spun, by handlooms or machines. The Pashmina Silk Saree is a blend of two fine materials which together produce a fabric that is sheer, light and shining.

unm10887_2The shades of Pashmina silk

There are several varieties of the Pashmina from fine to super fine based on how finely it is woven. There is also a difference in the fineness of the goat hair available from different heights of the Himalayas. The Nepal Pashmina fibre or hair is rated as the finest while the Ladakhi variety comes a close second. The super fine Pashmina is an exclusive weave that is extremely soft and smooth, and known to pass the ‘ring test’. High-priced and sought for the quality of the weave, the Pashmina Silk Saree is known for its feel and the spreading warmth, and it takes a discerning ability to recognize a true Pashmina product, since the manufacture of synthetic fibres have now come into vogue.

unm14270_b2The soft appeal of the Pashmina Silk saree

Kashmiri embroidery or Kashida as it is known as, employs bright and colourful designs, with motifs of floral borders, paisley and chinar leaves and other inspirational settings of nature. The patterns and the colours chosen for the Pashmina silk saree, so harmonizes with Nature, that the elegance and allure of the wearer of the saree, is heightened.

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There are very many pleasing versions of the Pashmina Cotton saree to buy online at Unnati Silk which are fascinating and very captivating. Fancy Prints unm14277_1of blockbatik and gold with floral patterns are fashion and displayed on Pashmina Cotton Sarees. There is a ‘heavy’ version of the Pashmina Cotton Sari, which has Zardosi or Ari embroidery adorning the fabric. There is beautiful kantha work of Bengal done on it with mesmerizing multi-colour borders. There is also another heavily adorned pashmina pure cotton sari with zardozi, aari embroidery that would do nicely for college parties and cultural programmes. There is a special range of self-weave checks and fine designs that makes this Pashmina Cotton Saree unique and exceptional.

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